Metal art


Order perforated wall panels

Description standard design construction

   Panels are made of sheet metal of 1 mm thickness, in the form of rectangular boxes. Figure generated using openings of different diameter with a different spacing. The product is painted black and has a white substrate.

Additionally you can order:

  1. Internal lighting in different colors (highly recommended).
  2. Change the design (shape, thickness of the metal, the principle of attachment, etc.).
  3. Choose a different color panels or substrates.
  4. Apply a different material (stainless steel, aluminum, etc.).
  5. Change the shape and size of the holes.
  6. Make any other changes.

   To create a project panel, you must specify the height, width, and attach a file with a picture or photo that you wish to place. If you do not have an image, more information, describe what you want to see on the panels, and our experts will offer you options.

To complete the request, please fill in the questionnaire::

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